Assault & Battery Defense
by Davis, Davis & Davis in Radford, VA

Legal Help for Assault Charges in Southwest Virginia

Know what you are facing when it comes to assault charges in Southwest Virginia: Aggravated assault and battery occurs when someone tries to cause severe injury to another, usually through the use of a deadly weapon. These charges may be pursued in either criminal or civil court. Assault is also sometimes called, ‘attempted battery,’ marking that no specific contact needs to take place before serious charges are filed.

Charged with Battery in Southwest VA? Defend Your Rights!

Have you been charged with battery in Southwest VA? Battery occurs when an offensive or illegal contact takes place on another person. It is intentional touching that is harmful or offensive, and may not occur with any consent involved. An act as simple as spitting on a person could bring an offensive battery charge. It maybe a sole charge or joined with assault because they often occur together. Defend your rights by giving our office a call!

Assault & Battery Charges in Southwest Virginia

When you face assault and battery charges in Southwest Virginia, get strong defense representation provided by Davis, Davis & Davis in Radford. Our attorneys work to determine the best defense related to whether any of these possible defenses play a part:

  • Consent
  • Fraud
  • Self-Defense
  • Deadly Force
  • Defense of Others
  • Defense of Property
  • Dispute of Personal Property
  • Performance of Duty & Authority

Those found guilty of wrongdoing for assault and battery may be found liable to pay compensatory and/or punitive damages. This can mean a fine, imprisonment, or both. Aggravated assault and battery, with the intent to murder or do serious harm, is punishable as a felony in every state. Contact the experienced attorneys at Davis, Davis & Davis for more information.

Contact the experienced attorneys at Davis, Davis & Davis for more information.