Sexual Offenses Defended
by Davis, Davis & Davis Attorneys in Radford

Defense Against Sex Crimes or Sexual Offenses in Southwest VA

In Southwest Virginia, the law office of Davis, Davis & Davis Attorneys will stand by you in sexual offense cases. There are generally two categories of charges under sexual assault: rape and sexual battery. Both forms of the crime relate to how severe the assault or offense may be, and usually focus on whether consent was given.

Forms of Sexual Assault

The two most common forms of sexual assault recognized by many states include rape and other types of illegal sexual contact.

Rape and criminal sexual penetration occur when there is forced sexual intercourse. Rape-related terms include “sexual assault,” “rape,” “sexual battery,” or “criminal sexual penetration.” The criminal conduct is usually designated as ‘sexual penetration or sodomy without consent.’ Sexual penetration is most often defined as penetration of the vagina with a body part or an object, and sodomy is usually defined as oral sex or penetration of the anus with a body part or object.

Sexual battery and criminal sexual contact include all other sexual contact that does not include penetration, oral sex, or sodomy. It is contact that is sexual in nature and occurs without the other person’s consent. Sexual battery may be commonly defined as the touching of an intimate part of the body (clothed or unclothed) for the purpose of sexual arousal or pleasure, without the other person’s consent, or forcing another person to touch an intimate part of the offender’s body.

Penalties for Sexual Crime Convictions

Lack of consent is a critical component of sex crimes, when someone forces the other person to engage in sex against their will, or if the other person is considered incapable of consenting due to diminished capacity or mental state. Crimes involving minors where the age difference is greater than three years, and assaults by person in a position of professional capacity or authority over the other person (such as teachers, priests, police, supervisors or doctors) can also be charged criminally.

Sexual assault crimes are usually defined as a felony with serious penalties. If the sexual assault was committed with a weapon, and convicted offenders may face jail time of one year or up to life in prison, depending on the sentencing statute. In addition, those convicted of a sex crime must register as a sex offender for the rest of their life. This can have an impact on future rights that have an impact on housing and employment.

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