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Drug Possession Charges in Southwest VA

The attorneys at Davis, Davis & Davis in Radford, VA are here to help clients who face drug possession charges in Southwest Virginia. Illegal drugs may even be those drugs available only by prescription, called ‘controlled substances.’ Illegal possession is considered a criminal offense under both state and federal laws. Drug possession charges can carry serious consequences where you or others must appear in court, even if you may feel that drug possession is only a minor offense.

Defense for Controlled Substance Charges in the New River Valley

Knowingly and intentionally having control of an illegal drug in the New River Valley region can make you subject to prosecution. Possession itself can vary between having it on your person, such as in your hand or pocket, and having it around you, such as in your apartment or in the glove compartment of your vehicle. If you share an apartment or other space, both parties may be charged with shared possession of the narcotics, and proof may depend on whether both parties had the same amount of access and control over the substance.

Drug Possession and Distribution Charges & Penalties

Circumstances can bring various charges when it comes to drugs. Being charged with ‘the intent to distribute’ carries more serious penalties than simple possession, since the person is seen as ‘drug dealing,’ or selling drugs. Being found with drugs on your person or discovered by law enforcement in your vehicle can also bring a different set of charges. There is a broad range of penalties for drug possession: fines, incarceration, probation, diversion, and rehabilitation.

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