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Davis, Davis & Davis Attorneys, in Radford, VA

Accident & Fall Victims, Defective Products & Drugs, & Wrongful Death

If you find yourself to be the victim of an accident or fall, or have been exposed to a defective product or drug, or if a loved one experienced a wrongful death due to personal injury, there is an entire section of law that relates to getting justice or compensation for the loss. Davis, Davis & Davis Attorneys can represent you and help you navigate the court system related to personal injury matters. Most personal injury situations or circumstances rely on whether another party was neglectful in some way. Cases of negligence must be filed and proved in a timely manner under the statute of limitations.

Negligence & Accidents – Home or Workplace

Accidents and matters of negligence may happen in a home situation or a place of business or workplace. If an argument may be made that someone did not do all they could to prevent an accident from occurring, and there is reliable proof to offer or obtain, charges may be filed against the responsible party or parties. Finding the proper defendants may be difficult in some instances. Employers or commercial entities may have additional defendants involved that may be responsible. Determining the extent of cause and negotiating a reasonable insurance settlement may be lengthy.

Defective Products, Drugs, & Wrongful Death

Defective products, drugs, or other accidents that cause personal injury or wrongful death are another area of law handled by Davis, Davis & Davis Attorneys in Radford, VA. The Southwest Virginia area can see a number of accidents. Citizens may be involved in products in their homes or workplaces that can cause extensive medical problems or other injuries, even death. Again, proof of negligence and cause must be obtainable, and these types of cases can also take an extended period of time to negotiate and reach an appropriate settlement.

Personal injury matters in Southwest Virginia need the experience of Davis, Davis & Davis Attorneys, in Radford, VA.
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